the technology



Imagine having the ability to control an infinite number of retail locations from a centralised Network Operations Centre (NOC). A small team of role-specific staff can remotely maintain and control a network of shops with a supplementary team of mobile engineers dealing with Ticket call outs. Currently betting shops require on average 3.5 members of staff to run a single shop, whereas with the Orchadia Systems turnkey solution, we estimate a single employee could maintain a network of 6 or 7 shops.
We use state-of-the-art IoT (internet of Things) technology driven by the Orchadia Systems Pi controller. Lights, doors and air conditioning all controlled remotely. This is augmented by next-generation HIK connect CCTV and motion detection cameras and Voice over IP systems driven by Ring technologies.

Regulatory Compliance


Regulatory compliance is facilitated by our Facial recognition technologies. All customers retain the right to anonymity except for when an Anti Money Laundering (AML) threshold has been reached, as laid out in the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010. By enrolling each user in our gallery using a Unique User ID (UUID) we are able to track, trace and monitor customer spending. Remember though – every customer is anonymous on our system unless they trigger an AML CDD requirement. 
Our facial recognition software solution is aided by our Orchadia Systems customer verification app. Using the latest advancements in AI-driven age estimation, anyone whom the system determines to be under the age of 21 will be prompted to verify their age by downloading our app. Once they have submitted the required documentation, their face will be certified as being age-verified and for each and every visit subsequently they will be able to go about their betting activities as normal. These technologies will also help shops choosing the Orchadia Systems solution to control and patrol self exclusion.  A customer will be able to self exclude from the entire network from a single point of communication for a duration of his/her choosing. In addition to this, Orchadia Systems will be able to provide the kind of tooling typically only seen online; Net loss limits, session duration limits, bespoke budgetary and time constraints. For instance, a customer could simply say on Friday nights between 6 pm and 10 pm ‘I want to cap my maximum losses at €100’. Simply put, this sort of player protection will be far beyond anything seen in retail to this point and puts Orchadia Systems at the forefront of meaningful player protection.