NO HYPE OR Exaggeration

The Orchadia Systems automated solution ‘Autobet’ has been tested and proven successful by a small independent bookmaker in Ireland. Now Orchadia AutoBet helps forward-thinking bookmakers revive the industry by running highly profitable automated or hybrid ‘hosted’ betting-shops. Our commitment to innovation and efficiency puts you in a unique position to capitalise during a very difficult time for the retail sector.

Orchadia Systems is the first company with a proven, all-inclusive solution for betting-shops. This solution can scale fast and pioneering bookmakers could be major winners in the next retail boom.

Orchadia Autobet incorporates new digital efficiencies to reduce the costs of running a betting-shop by 40–50%, possibly more. As the platform grows we gather more data, which means that savings and efficiencies can only improve. The average betting-shop requires 3.5 full time workers at a cost of around €110,000 per annum. Self-service betting-shops can be much more profitable than traditional, manned locations. Proof-of-concept locations in Ireland have monthly running costs averaging €7,500 – €8,000.

That’s right. The Orchadia AutoBet platform brought down operational costs by more than €11,000 per month from €19,000. Those kinds of reductions are a game changer for the industry and promise resurgent growth in urban and rural areas.


Labrokes betting shop on Grand National day. UK


Automated betting-shops mean that we can move beyond the simple model of excluded and self-excluded customers. They also allow new options that benefit customers and betting-shop owners alike.

Orchadia Autobet gives customers the ability to set limits and budgetary constraints across a network of thousands of shops globally. This means that customers can limit their betting to what they can afford to lose.

The system can also be used to notify customers if and when they reach pre-selected thresholds. The platform also allows people to self-exclude or set limits at times they may feel vulnerable to overspending – late at night or on pay days etc.